Fourth Quarter 2013 – Just Below the Surface

In our last newsletter, we shared the story of our travels to the top of Pike’s Peak and the emotional journey we travel as we continue to deal with the loss of our granddaughter, Hannah Crist, in September. The out-pouring of love, support, and kindness to every member of our family has been overwhelming. We are so touched by your words, deeds and prayers.

But, we are not alone. Others have lost precious grandchildren, parents, spouses, siblings and children. Not only has death saddened our hearts, but other problems lie just below the surface and attempt to steal joy and happiness. Clients have been in my office sharing stories of addictions, arrests, and alienations within families and friends, and they are heart broken. There is not one person who has not encountered sorrows that became their “heart markers”, hurts that may heal but always leave a scar.

My goal for myself as I enter 2014 is that I see people with eyes of compassion. Each person has their own story; from the cashier who seemed rude, to the person who cut you off in traffic, to the family member that pushes all of your buttons. We cannot control others, but our reactions can be different. May 2014 be the year we slow down and celebrate the life we have yet to live, and be just a little kinder to our fellow man. After all, they are probably dealing with something lurking just below the surface.

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