Being Unique-Not Just a Title for Investors

If you have ever looked at our brochure, visited our web-site, and/or attended one of our seminars you have probably seen, or heard us speak about, our investment philosophy which includes the belief that “Every Investor is Unique”. What we haven’t printed until now, is that we believe The Volkers Group is unique as well.

We, at The Volkers Group, value the personal relationships we have with our clients. We know that there are many other financial firms out there to choose from, so as a team, we strive to provide our clients with top level service that we consider a “level above” or “more service than sales”. We want our clients to know that we put their interests before our own because they are our top priority and we want them to know they are being taken care of regardless of how the markets perform. In addition, we believe the way we work together as a team makes us shine, and our combined talents make us industry leaders.

By treating people as the unique individuals they are, we are able to help them find solutions for their life, not just their investments. We help people as they journey through life, and we do it with compassion; from beginning investors to those looking at their last years, we work
together with them to help meet their specific goals and desires.

As for the more detailed services we provide, one of our biggest assets is our customized financial planning worksheets combined with our personalized risk analysis. Financial planning can be a complex undertaking that, when done correctly, can provide a blueprint for working toward financial security. We, at The Volkers Group, know that our client’s lives and financial situations will change over time. That’s why we are committed to revisiting and refining each plan we design on an ongoing basis. In addition, we prefer to take a proactive approach to portfolio management. Because we are an independent firm, we do not have proprietary products that we are required to offer or sell. Instead, we are able to select from a wide array of investment vehicles which gives us the ability to provide custom allocation solutions for individual portfolios versus having to choose from pre-made specific models dictated by a third party.

Established in 1996, with over 100 years of combined investment experience and knowledge, the consultants and staff at The Volkers Group are dedicated to assessing the needs of our clients and helping them achieve their long term financial success by providing:

• “More Service than Sales”.

• A customized experience.

• Retirement planning

• A proactive approach to portfolio management.

• Up to date positioning for the current market conditions.

• Strategies for wealth preservation.

• Seminars and workshops

• Individual Portfolio Evaluation Reports

• 401(k) and 403(b) allocation assistance

• Monthly summaries and quarterly newsletters

• Website and online account access.

Wherever you are in life, The Volkers Group can help you with all of your investment needs.

There is no greater compliment than that of your referral!


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