Fourth Quarter 2016 – A Time of Transition

When we opened The Volkers Group in 1996, part of our goal from the very beginning was to provide consistent service to our clients. The people in our office, from advisors to administration staff, work from the same moral compass. We are determined to do what is best for our clients.

From day one, Frank Volkers, Kyle Volkers, Janet Volkers, and Sonya Doty have worked as a team. Mel Krueger joined in 2012 and became the latest addition to the advisor team. We cover for each other, share ideas with each other, help each other, and pray for each other.

As they say, “There is snow on the mountain.” Frank and I are aging, and that sure beats the alternative! But age is not a reason to stop doing what you love. Frank has a computer for a brain, and without use, he would go crazy, and then he would make me crazy! And how could I not talk to those that are not merely clients, but people that I consider friends. Part of my genetic make-up is getting to know people, and helping walk them through various life issues in addition to their financial health.

Frank and I have been spending the month of January in Florida. Frank and I go back to Florida for our wedding anniversary, St. Patrick’s Day. In the summer, we spend time in northern Indiana at our little lake cottage for a week in June, a week in July, and a week in August. With today’s technology, we are able to work from anywhere that provides internet access. We keep our cell phones handy, CNBC on the television, and the markets on our screens. We often return phone calls immediately, but we are usually able to return calls the same day. Our staff keeps in touch with us via email and text.

We continue to transition responsibilities to Kyle. This transfers the responsibility of rent, staff, equipment, and other “business issues” to Kyle as he spends more hours at the office than we do. You may see Kyle’s name, Sonya’s name or Mel’s name on your statements. While Kyle, Sonya, and Mel know most of you, they will be spending time getting to know you and your needs even better. This does not mean we are gone. Frank and I will still be coming into the office, sitting at our same desks, and still working with our team to do what is best for you. Again, as long as we have brains that function, we will be involved. We do not plan to retire, we plan to reduce. But we are not going to reduce our care for you or this office. It gives us comfort knowing that you are in very good hands, with or without us.

If you would like an appointment to discuss this further, just give us a call and we will schedule a face-to-face or telephone appointment.


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