Meet Dave Koshinski

President of Investment Planners, Inc.

Dave-KoshinskiWhen David P. Koshinski, President of Investment Planners, laid out his vision more than 20 years ago, he planned to grow IPI using Integrity, Performance, and Innovation.

As IPI references Integrity, Performance, and Innovation, Mr. Koshinski states, “This foundation is more than just a name. It is how we do business.”

Starting with six advisors in 1987, IPI now has advisors in 24 states and IPI Wealth Management, the RIA, was named one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Firms by Financial Advisor Magazine in 2008.

The growth of Investment Planners has not happened by chance. History has shown that advisors from across the country have joined IPI to become a part of the innovation that has branded IPI as a pioneer in the financial industry.

At IPI, we welcome a challenge. We strive each day to raise our levels of service, and we embrace new goals while creating avenues to service a community of diverse and sophisticated advisors and investors.

Our superior customer service, practice management instruction, and products and services focused around
a philosophy of Strategic Lifestyle and Wealth Management, have created partnerships and referrals that
continue to generate growth of our firm.

Our advisors are the best in the industry. Together we are family… creating a partnership that is increasingly awarded the title of being one of the best… that is how we do business.


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