November 2015 Monthly Summary

201511 MktData

The Midwest is experiencing mild temperatures in the prelude to the winter months.  You might say the November markets were mild as well.  As you look at the barometer below, you can see that 2015 overall has been pretty tepid.  We had some hot and cold spells, but not much to show in the form of portfolio returns from the first eleven months of 2015.  December promises to be an exciting month as we may see the Fed raise the Fed Funds target rate for the first time in over nine years!  This will be the first rate adjustment of any kind since the Fed lowered the target rate effectively to zero during the depths of the financial crisis.1

On a lighter note, we just celebrated our client appreciation banquet last week, with our largest turnout ever!  As is tradition, we presented a market review for interested clients and friends before the dinner began.  In that market review we focused on four areas of the economy that have affected your portfolios this year and how they may affect the markets in the years ahead.  The four areas of study were interest rates, exchange rates, commodities, and oil.  The market review will be available online here if you wish to hear our take on the markets.

One area of the market review also focused on our growth as a company.  Our success has and will always be tied to you, our wonderful clients.  This chart highlights how the markets and economy may have changed, but our focus on you has never been greater.

We know our clients each have unique goals and needs that must be met.  We do not take the trust that you place with us lightly.  It is with your loyalty and your referrals that we are able to continue bringing you the service you desire.  We were humbled by the amazing turnout at our banquet and want you to know that we appreciate you and look forward to many more years of rewarding service.201511 Barometer

As we celebrate the holidays, please make the time to take inventory of all those special people in your lives.  We hope you have a peace-filled and joyous Christmas as we welcome in 2016!



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