Out with the Old, In with the Familiar

I thought about making a New Year’s Resolution, but I don’t think I want to resolve to do anything differently in my life. Yes, I want to exercise more, eat better, be kind to everyone, and pray for world peace. But, do I really want a resolution to do that? I think not.

The past few years have been full of struggles, and we have openly shared many of ours. Did I wish we did not have these struggles? Of course! But they are part of our reality, and it’s learning to live in the middle of struggle where we find ourselves.

I think about the fact that Frank turned 70 and I turned 61, and I wonder where the future will take us. Will we become the subject of a debilitating disease? Will our family be touched by medical issues, car wrecks, or job losses? Will we be cautious, trying to prevent life from spinning out of control or will we revisit Pike’s Peak, explore Lake Tahoe, or walk part of the Appalachian Trail?

If you know us at all, the answer is that life is to be lived, and lived to the fullest. God did not plan for us to sit in the corner and simply observe life. We need to be about actively making the most of what we have. There may be physical challenges and personal interests that cause us to live life differently, but as long as we have breath, we need to be in the process of living, not merely existing.

The holidays often remind me of my mother, Lou, who could make some of the best pie around. (I became a cake and cookie maker, so as to not be in competition with my mother.) It thrilled my mother to have people eat her pie. If she knew you were going to visit her, there was a high probability that a pie was in the oven. I tell this part of the story because my mother died suddenly on May 16, 2009. An hour or so before she died, do you know what she did? Yes, she baked pies. Her death was sudden, shocking and tragic for the family, but it was exactly as my mother would have wanted it to be. She lived life until there was no more life.

I mention my mother because if I have a resolution to tape to the bathroom mirror or to write in a day planner, it will be to live. To see the moments of each day as a blessing. To spend time with family and friends that mean the world to me. To experience something new, and maybe even a little dangerous. To also enjoy things that are familiar and comfortable. In 2015, I encourage each of you to live life to the fullest, enjoying each and every opportunity and I will try to do the same. After all, I have a shirt that says, “Life is Good”.



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