Raising Your Sleeve

What started out as a cold, wintery Saturday morning turned into an unexpected opportunity to share a message.  Once a month, I wake up a little earlier than usual and donate platelets at the Indiana Blood Center.  On Saturdays like this one, I bypass the normal morning rituals and instead, just grab my coat and hat, and head to the donation center at 2021 S. 3rd Street.

As luck would have it, a local news station chose that day to focus on how the brutal winter has affected the blood donations in Terre Haute and across Indiana.   I apologize in advance for my non-professional appearance, but the message is worth a little humility.

Watch the video below for the full news story and learn how you can “Raise Your Sleeve” to help save lives!

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Full news story is available here: http://wthitv.com/2014/02/09/winter-weather-takes-toll-on-blood-supply/

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