About The Volkers Group

The Volkers Group is a full service wealth management and financial advisory firm established in 1996. With over ninety years of combined investment knowledge and experience, The Volkers Group renders a unique approach to investing. The Volkers Group believes that providing service, education, and information to their clients is more important than selling “the stock or bond of the day”. Whether you are building your nest egg, planning for college, or looking for retirement income, we are here to help you plan and meet your financial goals. To do so, we provide many planning, implementation, and monitoring services such as: retirement planning worksheets, periodic seminars and workshops, continual monitoring and reporting of your investments and the economy, portfolio evaluation spreadsheets and allocation summaries. The Volkers Group is here to help YOU with all of your investment needs.


As Financial Consultants with Investment Planners, Inc., The Volkers Group, we know that each investor is different… We believe in a personalized one-to-one relationship that can best be described as a working partnership. We do not market set packages. Instead, we tailor investment concepts to you and the current market conditions.

We take the time to ask questions, to understand your financial needs, investment goals, and risk tolerance. Then, and only then, do we present investment options we believe are tailored for you. We work closely with you, as a team, to help you select the best investment plan that meets your need and work toward long-term financial success.


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