Third Quarter 2013 – Special Newsletter

We spend much time in these newsletters explaining market losses and gains, past, present and future. This quarter is easier than many others because stocks were up nearly five percent based on most market indexes while bonds were flat. So, most portfolios made progress. Meanwhile,  investor concerns have been directed towards our politicians. By the time you read this letter, I would anticipate a debt ceiling compromise has been reached and our government has bought us a few months of normalcy, i.e. slow employment gains and slow economic growth. We will explore  the economy and our government’s plans when we conduct our market review at the annual client appreciation event. We hope to see you there. A link will be provided to a video of the review on our website for those unable to attend.

Also during this quarter, our office has experienced wonderful gains and a tragic loss, so we are making this a special newsletter. We think it is important for you to know who the people are that help you with financial decisions. Like you, we have blessings and hardships, losses and triumphs.  We hope you will have interest in what we share.

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