Second Quarter 2013 – Top Six Questions Asked by Clients

The investment questions rattling around in your head are probably the same questions other clients are thinking about. While we love speaking with all of our clients, we thought we would try to answer some of the questions that we hear the most. Again, always feel free to contact your consultant, but we hope this will help you with some general information.

Top six client questions:

1. Do we need to keep all of our statements?
~ A good rule of thumb is to keep the quarterly statements until the end of the year. At the end of the year replace the quarterly statements with the “Annual Statement”. The annual statement from mutual funds and annuity companies will reflect all transactions that took place that year. Keep in mind we can reproduce statements from secure electronic files if you need a copy.

2. I received litigation paperwork in the mail. Is it worth anything?
~Each class action is very different. We evaluate each situation and let you know if we believe it should be filed. It is best to call or just drop it by the office. If we have determined that this litigation will be beneficial to you, we help complete the paperwork and get the form filed for you.

3. I received a letter in the mail that says I need to take my RMD. What does it mean and how long do I have to take it?
~For people turning 70½, Required Minimum Distributions from an IRA can be very confusing. We at the Volkers Group take great measures to make sure you satisfy your RMD. IRA owners often receive letters from their IRA custodian that are sent to all clients over 70. If you are just turning 70½, I recommend making an appointment with us so we can discuss the RMD process.

4. I received a letter from a company asking to buy our REIT.  Should I sell?
~Each situation is different, but if we believe you should sell any investment we will notify you. Investment recommendations should not be made on the basis of unsolicited advice by a third party.

5. How do I stop all of this mail?
~Companies are required to send certain information, and we understand it can flood your mailbox. If you would like to receive statements, proxies, prospectuses, and trade confirmations via email, please let us know and we can assist you in getting electronic delivery established. I do recommend having your tax paperwork delivered snail mail. Again, we have copies of all information pertaining to your account and can get this for you should you ever need a duplicate. Just call the office and anyone will be happy to help.

6. I need to make a withdrawl from my RBC account. Do I need to talk to my consultant or can someone else take care of what I need?
~Anyone in the office can take care of a withdrawal request if your consultant is not available.

Although this may answer a question or two, please don’t hesitate to call if you have additional questions or concerns.

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